Kevan Thakrar

Kevan Thakrar is a long-term prisoner in HMP Woodhill that was jailed under the Joint Enterprise law.

In Kevan’s words, this law means “if one person commits a crime all of his contacts who knew it would happen or participated in a crime believing it could evolve in to something else (like a playground fight ending up in murder) are all guilty of it”.

The potential of this law is already bullshit, convicting people for not stopping something (and in this way mirrors IPP sentences that penalise IPP prisoners for what their families might do), but Kevan’s case is doubly spurious for not even having any connection with the crime he is supposed to have been part of.

Kevan became politically engaged in prison and today has connections with anarchists and anarchist support networks on the outside. This, combined with Kevan’s refusal to bow down to prison authority, has seen him land in the Close Supervision Centre (CSC).

CSCs are segregated units for the most dangerous prisoners that are one step away from isolation units, having just one person in a small cell and allowed out only one hour a day. CSCs are not really used for the most dangerous prisoners but for those that are the most trouble to prison authority – including Kevan.

Caged at 20, Kevan has been on the inside of various prisons now for ten years. Justice for Kevan Thakrar is the campaign to get him out run by his family and deserves any support you can give it.

The Justice for Kevan website can be found here.

For Kevan’s own words check out this Brighton ABC page.

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