Coppers raid The People’s Picnic

Following the statement to the press from Sgt Mark Shepherd regarding a ‘weekend blitz’ on aggressive begging, we sadly witnessed Norfolk Constabulary’s tactics in regards to this in full force last night. We arrived at the Haymarket area which was already under direct surveillance, with a line of posturing PCSOs overlooking our proceedings – they had been present for over an hour before our volunteers arrived.

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Police doing what they do best: intimidating and roughing up the most vulnerable sectors of society.

In Norfolk PCC Lorne Green’s recent Police and Crime Plan he states that he has laid out seven core principles for policing in the county that include “support victims and reduce vulnerability” and “good stewardship of taxpayers’ money”. That was in March. Last night we see over a dozen police officers attempting to intimidate a project that works with some of the most vulnerable people in the city, a project that has no previous instances of criminal behaviour or activity.

Is Lorne Green so shit at his job that is took just four months for him to forget about helping the vulnerable and not wasting taxpayers’ money? Or are the local coppers just slow readers and haven’t reached page seven yet?

Or… was it all a load of guff in the first place?


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