Veganism: A Different Approach – I. Capitalism Is Not The Answer

For the past few months we have been working on putting together a publication that is aimed at the Norwich and Norfolk vegan scene, one that would introduce what seems to be an important but missing discourse from the community.

Today, at the Norwich Anarchist Bookfair, we launched “Veganism: A Different Approach – I. Capitalism Is Not The Answer”, which collects four different articles from the internet into a brief crash course into an anti-capitalist veganism. Each of these articles includes an introduction that we have penned to provide a local context for themes raised in each piece. The publication also begins with a short introduction we have written that attempts to set the scene for the writing that follows.

The articles included are:-

Each copy has a card cover and is beautifully hand bound with exposed thread. The entire book was designed and laid out by Aidan Frere-Smith so big thanks to him, as it definitely wouldn’t look this beautiful without his work.

It comes from a place of compassion and love for veganism, something that is incredibly important to all of us here in DIT Collective, and something that we believe can be strengthened at both a personal and social level by offering criticisms as well as solutions. The intention, as suggested by the subtitle’s prefix, is that this will be the first in a series of publications aiming to broaden the conversations being had within the county’s vegan community by (re)connecting it to other social and environmental struggles that we, as anarchists, believe are important.

Work is already underway on part two, with further parts to offer both a critical analysis of veganism as well as what we believe are alternatives and solutions that could develop a better vegan practice for everyone that desires a more compassionate world.

If you’d like a copy then send us an email. Each copy is £5 and priority will be given to individuals or groups in Norfolk. Apologies for the high price but we need to cover both material costs and time involved: no money is going to any individuals, and will all be put back into other DIT Collective projects including the follow up to this first part.

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