Norwich CamWatch Project

We would like to present the Norwich CamWatch Project, an initiative to map out the multitude of public-facing CCTV cameras around the city.

Norwich CamWatch Project

Directly inspired by both the Olympia Counter-Surveillance Network and the decade-old Norwich Police/Norwich City Council CCTV Cameras map, Norwich CamWatch Project aims to be a collaboratively created resource for anyone wanting information about the outdoor security cameras in Norwich.

In some ways CCTV today is a halcyon relic of a smaller panopticon society, of days when you only had to worry about what you were doing in the physical world and not your every move carried out digitally, but we still believe that CCTV cameras represent an imposition on total liberation. In that respect, CCTV still represents a frontline in counter-surveillance efforts.

We make no distinction between privately-owned and council/police-run cameras because, when it comes down to it, no private owners are going to refuse provision of their footage to the police. Therefore all cameras are pitted against you and I.

DIT Collective has two core motivations behind this project:

  • To provide an effective resource for anyone and everyone wishing to know more about CCTV cameras in Norwich or that wish to engage in whatever forms of counter-surveillance they deem appropriate.
  • To illustrate how people in the UK are subject to one of the highest per capita numbers of CCTV cameras in the world, and that even a supposedly safe, happy, and sleepy place like Norwich is saturated by surveillance.

Everyone is welcome to contribute. This will not be a map open to editing by all due to the accuracy required in making this an effective project, so therefore help is best received through an email or message to our Facebook account. The only information we need is the location but if you are able to provide additional information such as field of vision, type of camera, whether it is currently in use or not, or even a photo then that would be very welcome.

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